Sunday, July 13, 2014

Genre Theory Is the Salvation of Us All! How to re-frame [and transcend] formulaic writing in one swell foop

There's been a raft of ripples from an amazing seed, literally a "burr in your sock" by Kim Douillard, reflecting on a discussion that day in in Writing Project's ISI about formulaic writing. Many folks chimed in, and a delightful chorus of voices cascaded around the topic and its many branches and byways. I've just loved the interchange, as such a powerful exemplar of exactly why I've been so thrilled since its very beginning by the #CLMOOC and impressed at the up-leveling that's occurring as we get well into #CLMOOC14.
My reflection in process goes back to the other half of the contrast Kim was drawing, between the free-wheeling spirit of CLMOOC and the rigid cages kids get shoved into by formulaic writing. I've begun an attempt at crude satire by trying to illustrate to any non-k12-teachers in our audience what we mean by formulaic writing. It's to set myself the task of writing some ad copy for

Step In It! Writing®

Guaranteed to hoist each student on their own petard, whatever that may be!

Our patented BOX method of writing lays out well-formed loops of word-strings, in a scientifically designed sequence so that each loop snaps shut around their dainty feet, binding them to obvious and repetitive structures of meaning which remain forever clear and obedient. You don't really need to do any writing as a teacher, either! Just Step In It! ® yourself!

and, inspired by #CLMOOC  I used postermywall to create this