Friday, February 8, 2013

A gift from a flower to a garden

Black Bear Ranch, 1971?
Making a comment after signing a petition for gun regulation, I proposed a tax on gun sales that would directly fund a Cabinet-level Department of Peace, dedicated to putting as much energy into the active search for peace-creating cultural events as we now put into war-making. The work begun in the sixties, consciously creating a culture of peace, of understanding -- fully manifesting -- our common humanity, at levels of collaboration and cooperation which would transcend the illusory barriers of nations, languages, and creeds. 
Gatherings of tribes, a growing network of inter-dependent and fluid communal homes and ranches and live-in businesses in urban areas, a new oeconomics emerging parallel to the crumbling behemoth we were trying to play around the edges of...
The dreamy naiveté of that era is embarrassing today, and yet still inspires me. I liked Donovan's "Gift From a Flower to a Garden" even more than "The White Album."