Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Grandpa's String Theory

Lately I've had two powerful ah-ha moments about my Original Digital project, aiming to introduce string games to every 1st and 2nd grader, world wide. Of course, this grandiose sounding scheme is meant to be laughable in its goal-setting, but in my heart of hearts, I am not really/merely exaggerating. I will describe those two insights in another post, but right now I just want to get my new title for the TED Talk I've been rehearsing in my mind for many months:

Grandpa's String Theory

My nephew in Eugene, my most devoted acolyte at this point, has long called our work "string theory" rather than string games or string figures, and I sort of got it, but didn't know quite how to embrace it. I knew that "original digital," clever in its way, is not quite evocative enough to carry the weight of the import I mean to give the project. We are talking, after all, about restoring John Dewey's and Miles Horton's and Paolo Friere's visions of learner centered, real-world-relevant education. So I think at this point the Original Digital Project becomes the sub-head to the above, which is a more intriguing title, better suited to creating the anticipatory set I'm searching for...

Please stay tuned.